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Does drywall mold easily?

In most cases
In some cases
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Question: Does drywall mold easily?
Top Answer (56% of 55 votes): In some cases.

Answer: In most cases
Explanation: If wet to long will form mold
Margate mold removal inc
Answer: In most cases
Explanation: Drywall surfaces (paper, texture, paint) readily grow mold. When moisture is present, mold growth becomes visible within about 48-hours.
Quality Environmental
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: It really depends on the type of drywall and environment. If it is installed and there is a leak, it will definitely mold easily no matter what kind of drywall it is.
National Demolition & Environmental, Inc.
Answer: In most cases
Explanation: Mold generally has to have moisture, if there is moisture present, yes.
North State Inspections
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: Drywall will grow mold if wet or contains high concentration of moisture
Certified Inspectors, LLC
Answer: In most cases
Explanation: If it gets wet, it'll typically get moldy.
Worsley Inspections LLC
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: Mold is everywhere, but it takes certain conditions , dampness,etc. to cause it to grow.
Contractors Corp.
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: If drywall is exposed to moisture and allowed to dry on its own, then the possibility for mold growth increases. The paper-type backing drywall is a perfect source of food for mold to grow on when it is damp for an extended period of time or repeatedly gets wet.
NTX Mold Inspection Services
Answer: Always
Explanation: If gets wet and can't dry
Mtm drywall company
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: When dry wall gets most, like any other porous surface, it can grow and spread mold easily. Luckily, it is usually just a surface problem that can easily be re-mediated by a service expert. Once treated and dried properly, the drywall will be structurally sound and good as new.
Epic Enviro Systems
Answer: Always
Explanation: IF there is adequate moisture, drywall will virtually always grow mold due to the ever present mold spores in the air and the drywall being a food source for mold. Moisture is the key component to keep away from drywall to prevent mold growth. Mold growth on drywall can be from high humidity - not just liquid water.
Texas Mold Consultants
Answer: Always
Explanation: Drywall is made from paper. And paper is one of Molds favorite foods. We have more mold in newer houses because of drywall. The older homes (1900-1940's) had plaster. And plaster is close to concrete with no organic material to break down.
Honest Home Inspections & Milwaukee Mold Inspector
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: Not is not unless there is some leak and it keeps always getting wet or stays wet for some time.
Answer: In most cases
Explanation: Drywall is a cellulose based material. Mold spores feed on such substrates.
House and Home Inspection Services
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: If water damage is assessed then addressed quickly a trained water mitigation specialist can" manage the indoor environment" to prevent future growth. Existing Fungal contamination needs removed. On drywall 24 inches past last visible.
SafeHouse Solutions, LLC
Answer: Always
Explanation: The paper on back
jh cleaning
Answer: Always
Explanation: Moisture and drywall are molds favorite place to grow.
Total Check-Up Inspections
Answer: In most cases
Explanation: yes in old bathrooms where mold resistant drywall wasn't used or if leaks occur in roof and gutters
Abatement Resource Incorporated
Answer: In most cases
Explanation: If the drywall gets wet it is like a sponge and holds the water. If wet it can help mold growth as it is held together by starches that mold loves to eat.
Jose Tech Inspection
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: Mold develops when a water source is present in the environment. We always recommend to have a Waterproofing Company inspect the location where mold is developing and in some cases have a certified mold inspector.
permanently closed
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: moisture on dry wall will mold
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