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Is it possible to completely eliminate mold from the inside of my home?

In most cases
In some cases
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Question: Is it possible to completely eliminate mold from the inside of my home?
Top Answer (53% of 45 votes): Never.

Answer: Never
Explanation: Molds exist in every house, new or old.
Vico Home Inspection
Answer: Never
Explanation: Every home has differing levels of mycology. We at EnviroClear recommend cleaning over remediation more times than actual remediation. We strive to service only those in need of actual remediation based on inspection and sometimes testing from an independent company, the results of which have determined the presence of "elevated" microbial cultivation/colonization.
EnviroClear, LLC
Answer: Never
Explanation: There is allways mold in air its the types and levels of eachb
Margate mold removal inc
Answer: Never
Explanation: No. Mold spores are always being produced outdoors. Then, they enter homes on clothing, on feet, and through openings. Generally speaking, mold spores concentrations indoors should be less than those found outdoors.
Quality Environmental
Answer: In most cases
Explanation: Repair any leaks or cause of moisture and you will most likely be safe. Yet mold from outside can be a problem.
North State Inspections
Answer: Always
Explanation: Yes it is if done correctly.
Royalty Home Solutions, Inc
Answer: Never
Explanation: No, mold is every where. You just don't want elevated levels of toxic molds in a home.
Blue Sky Inspection
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: mold is very difficult to find sometimes, because if may be hidden behind walls, carpet, or in a space not normally exposed such as the attic., etc.
Contractors Corp.
Answer: Never
Explanation: One can never eliminate all mold from inside of a house. Naturally occurring outdoor mold comes into the house when a door or window is opened or by natural infiltration of air. One tries to prevent the growth of mold inside a house. The main way to prevent mold growth is to prevent moisture issues in the house. There will always be a "typical background level" of mold spores in the air. It is the proliferation of mold spores from a mold growth inside the house that can cause varying levels of medical impact on individuals.
Texas Mold Consultants
Answer: Never
Explanation: As long as we have mold in our air outside, you will have some level of mold inside
Mid America Property Service
Answer: Never
Explanation: Mold is everywhere. Outside is full of decomposing plant material. This gives off mold fungi that we bring into properties.
Total Check-Up Inspections
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: Mold is a vague generic word for organic growth. The entire planet is organic material of some sort. Trees, plants, animals, food comma and even a few minutes. While it is true that toxic mold can be eliminated in a home or other building structure it is important to remember that not all mold is harmful.
permanently closed
Answer: Never
Explanation: you can get it down to safe levals
Artios Painting 309 788 9432
Answer: Never
Explanation: Mold is in our environment everywhere. It is when the mold spore count inside the home is significantly higher than the outdoor count that there is an issue.
Accent American Inc
Answer: In most cases
Explanation: There are many types of mold, and none of them will grow without water or moisture.
A Balance Home Inspection
Answer: Never
Explanation: NO. Mold is everywhere. Even if you could remove all of the mold from a contained area, normal mold spore levels would return as soon as the containment barriers were removed. The goal of remediation is to fix the source of water, remove all mold growth, and clean the affected areas to a state of normal fungal ecology.
NH Roof Consulting & Inspection
Answer: Never
Explanation: especialy in wet basments
Answer: Never
Explanation: There will always be mold in your home. You bring in the mold on your shoes and clothing as you walk in the outdoor environment then carry it into the home. It will not grow if there is no moisture issues in the home.
Jose Tech Inspection
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