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A Mold Coverup During Construction Can Be Expensive

When you’re new home or condo was being constructed or remodeled, did you ever have concerns about building materials being exposed to rain or snow before they were installed or fully protected from the weather? Your suspicions may have been accurate.

Many new home builders carelessly leave lumber, roof trusses, dry wall, concrete block and other types of building materials exposed to wet conditions during the construction process. Failing to protect building materials prior to using them or neglecting to properly treat those materials before installation may lead to serious problems with mold down the road. Good builders are very diligent and take the time and proper steps to avoid mold growth up until the home has reached the ‘Dried-In Stage’ of construction, a point in the building process where the roof and shingles have been properly installed to divert rain and melting snow from entering the structure. If the materials are not protected, inspected and treated prior to installation and ‘Dry-In’, mold may be covered up and hidden only to resurface at a later time after creating a potentially unhealthy and dangerous living environment as well as threatening the value of most peoples’ largest single investment.

Even if building materials are exposed to moisture but dry before installation, the mold may still be present and have just fallen into a dormant state. Many builders try to clean the material with bleach. However, the bleach merely oxidizes the surface and appears to make the mold disappear. The bleach probably did not kill the roots of the mold leaving the opportunity for problems to arise after you move into your new home or condo. High humidity, a leaking roof, window or door may be the avenue for moisture to travel and allow dormant mold attached to building materials inside walls or attics to come alive and start to grow once again.

There is an abundance of scientific evidence to support claims that mold spores adversely impact the health of people. Infants, children, elderly, asthmatics and individuals with compromised or weak immune systems are especially susceptible to the effects of mold. Mold can cause very serious illness and has been linked to lung damage, brain damage, cancer and even death.

In addition to the health risks associated with mold, there is also a potential risk to your home’s value. Often times, people are not aware of a mold cover-up until they want to sell their home or condo. A home inspection is typically conducted during the sales process and may reveal the presence of mold much to the shock of the homeowner and the potential homebuyer. This will probably result in either a reduction to the sales price of the home or termination of the sales contract all together. Both are expensive alternatives for homeowners with mold problems.

Did a home builder’s or remolding contractor’s construction methods or techniques result in a mold problem with your home? If you have questions or concerns talk to your attorney and ALSO talk to us Gamm Partners, Inc. Construction Consultants. “We are your eyes and ears”

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Lawrence Gamm, Gamm Partners, Inc
7371 E. Overlook Dr
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

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