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OK, so you have noticed what appears to be mold in and around your AC grills in the ceiling. Is it dirt or mold? Most likely, it's both. But how do your know?

You can call someone like me - a state-licensed "Mold Assessment Consultant" - who can test the discoloration to see if it is indeed is mold.

How do you get rid of it? First, if you are sensitive to mold, either wear a N-95 respirator or get someone else to do the work for you! When you disturb mold, it becomes airborne very quickly and in large quantities. If the debris/dirt/mold combination is on the grill, then gently remove the grill - to minimize the disturbance of the contamination. It's best to take it outside and wash it off. Do not wash it off indoors because you will most likely cause the mold to become airborne.

If the grill is rusted badly, you may want to just throw it away and replace it.

This is where the typical homeowner thinks they are finished, but you are not! There are other issues to check out.

1) Does the diffuser box contain mold?

2) Does the duct connected to the diffuser box contain mold?

3) Does the sheetrock around the diffuser box contain mold?

All of these areas can commonly contain mold.

Need more information? Need to prevent it from happening again? Need a professional to advise you on other areas of your air conditioning/heating system that typically have mold issues over time? In Texas, the mold industry has been regulated since 2005. Call me, Dan Yates, PE CSP MAC, for further information in Austin Texas at 512-563-2253. Put my 25+ years of mold investigation experience to work for you.

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Dan Yates, Texas Mold Consultants
10816 Crown Colony Drive Suite #210
Austin, TX 78747

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