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Is Mold Exposure Harmful to Humans?

In most cases
In some cases
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Question: Is Mold Exposure Harmful to Humans?
Top Answer (52% of 44 votes): In some cases.

Answer: In some cases
Explanation: Mycology deemed elevated, in living spaces can be harmful to humans and pets, depending on the type and strain.
EnviroClear, LLC
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: Only doctors can answer it
Margate mold removal inc
Answer: Always
Explanation: All molds are allergenic.
Stabilize, Inc.
Answer: Always
Explanation: stachybotris or black mold can be toxic
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: In some cases the slightest mold can. It is best to have safety first, keep it clean and in good repair.
North State Inspections
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: It can be. That is why it should be tested to see if it is a toxic mold.
Royalty Home Solutions, Inc
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: Depends on the individual. Elderly and young children are higher risk. It can affect everybody differently.
Worsley Inspections LLC
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: It depends on the person and their immune system. Also the amount of exposure to the mold.
Blue Sky Inspection
Answer: Always
Explanation: It can cause various problems by breathing it or through surface contact with the skin.
Contractors Corp.
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: The term "mold exposure" should be better defined to answer this question. When one goes outdoors, there are many molds naturally present that vary from day to day. Depending on your individual susceptibility to different genus/species of mold, different people react differently to an exposure to mold. There are "typical" exposures outdoors and can be "non-typical" exposures when there is an environment indoors where a mold reservoir has grown. Some molds are more likely to negatively impact individuals than others. Some molds have "mycotoxins" on the surface of the mold -- this can cause acute reactions in some individuals. There are no "safe" limits for mold because so many individuals react differently at different concentrations.
Texas Mold Consultants
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: At present there are no regulatory standards for fungal spore trap counts, or bioaerosols for microorganisms. In general, indoor and outdoor samples should be similar in concentration and fungal distribution. However, the presence of even low levels of Stachybotrys, Chaetomium and other mycotoxins would be of concern. Surface Concentrations for Microorganisms At present there are no regulatory guidelines for surface concentrations of microorganisms. I believe the reasoning behind this is because exposure effects everyone differently although there is a link to proximity to it, length of exposure, current health, age. Since water damage recently has also been linked to health problems, which then when not addressed lead to mold growing and spreading, do what needs to be done as quickly as possible. SafeHouse offers FREE WATER AND MOLD DAMAGE ASSESSMENTS. CALL US ANYTIME.
SafeHouse Solutions, LLC
Answer: In most cases
Explanation: Mold effects people differently, some easier than others
Mid America Property Service
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: Two things are important about this. 1. are you predisposed to mold issues. 2. the type of mold and concentration have more to do with being harmed than anything else. Some molds are dangerous even at low concentrations where all molds are harmful at high concentrations
Jose Tech Inspection
Answer: In most cases
Explanation: Not all mold has mycotoxins which are the toxic spores that can harm humans through respiratory, pathologic and neurological disorders.
permanently closed
Answer: In most cases
Explanation: no all type of molds are harmful to humans
Medical Mold Relief LLC
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: If it is inhaled, it can start to grow inside the sinuses or lungs.
Accent American Inc
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: All depends on your personal health
JCs Environmental Technologies
Answer: Always
Explanation: Any type of mild is harmful to humans, it can cause respiratory problems
JKM Home Inspections
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