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What causes mold growth?

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Answer: moisture and heat
Paul Durand, PE, SE
Answer: moisture
Pinkerton Inspection Agency LLC
Answer: Moisture
Harris Business Professionals
Answer: Water
Prime Restoration Services
Answer: Mold is created by the moisture level in building materials. If the level is below 19% on a moisture meter, mold will most likely not be present.
Michael Moffitt, Moffitt Property Inspections & Consulting
Answer: Moisture
Breland Appraisal Service, LLC
Answer: Moisture allows molds to grow, then they attach themselves to a food source.
Vico Home Inspection
Answer: Moist conditions and mold spores.
Shedhorn Inspection Services, LLC
Answer: Heat and mositure
Aspire Inspection Services
Answer: Moisture
Answer: In short WATER. Mold spores are everywhere, but without moisture it can not grow. That said even a little bit of moisture like condensation on an air vent may be enough.
FixAirx, LLC
Answer: High relative humidity or water intrusion and organic materials exposed to either.
EnviroClear, LLC
Answer: Moisture, food source and ambient temperature are needed to cause mold to grow. Buildings and houses are maintained at suitable temperatures and are constructed with food sources, that mold desires to consume.
Stabilize, Inc.
Answer: Extended exposure of building materials to water or moisture.
Visionary General Contracting, LLC
Answer: The primary ingredient need for mold growth is moisture. Eliminating the moisture source will stop the growth.
Quality Environmental
Answer: Mold grows when its spores float through the air and land on damp surfaces. Outdoors mold serves a natural function, helping to break down fallen leaves, twigs and even whole trees. Indoors, however, mold is capable of causing health problems for human beings.
Superior Inspection Services
Answer: Moisture and inadequate ventilation.
Safeguard Home Inspection, LLC
Answer: Moisture
Appaloosa Home Inspection
Answer: Mold growth is cause by water and air. There are mold spores all around and they grow in moist warm areas.
Moran Property Inspections
Answer: Certain surfaces combined with moisture
Spotlight Home Inspection L.L.C.
Answer: Moisture
Professional Home Inspections
Answer: Mold needs these conditions before it can begin to grow in a home: Mold spores A food source (eg wood, drywall, cotton) Darkness (mold can't grow under ultraviolet light) Warmth (mold can't grow in freezing temperatures) Oxygen Moisture (eg water leaks, humidity) Enough time (most molds can begin to grow in 24-48 hours if the conditions are right)
Global One Cleaning & Restoration
Answer: Moisture and material to feed it.
North State Inspections
Answer: Mold is caused by the prolonged presence of moisture.
Kairos Home Inspections
Answer: Moisture in the air not being able to complete the "thermal Cycle".
Royalty Home Solutions, Inc
Answer: Mold spores, 60-80% humidity, and a food source (cellulose materials)
Worsley Inspections LLC
Answer: Mold growth can occur in your home when there are elevated levels of interior moisture over a period of time.
NextDay Inspect®
Answer: excessive moisture
Huskey Home Inspection, LLC
Answer: moisture
Thomas Property Services llc
Answer: moisture, darkness and heat.
Alabama indoor air quality testing, LLC.
Answer: When there is moisture and warm air and substance for mold to grow on
Millyard Home Inspection
Answer: Moisture problems
Blue Sky Inspection
Answer: A combination of mold spores naturally occurring in the air and moisture, etc. that causes it to grow and multiply.
Contractors Corp.
Answer: Moisture & high relative humidity
Ray Inspection Services Corp
Answer: Dampness and a food source.
Brewer Contract Consulting
Answer: Moisture
TKO Home Inspections, LLC
Answer: Moisture levels above 20% can start spores in a growth. Controling moisture in a home is essential to control the growth of mold
Look First Homes, LLC
Answer: Mold needs the same things as most forms of life, water food and warmth. The right combination can cause mold to grow rapidly.
Best Choice Inspections
Answer: Moisture, Lack of air movement & a growth media
KJ Wood Home Inspections
Answer: Typically moisture that accumulates over an extended period of time
JKS Home Inspection
Answer: Moisture, proper growth medium and lack of ventilation.
Riverbend Property Inspections LLC
Answer: Moisture, Food Source, Temperature, Spores
Fresh Maintenance
Answer: Mold can grow when there is a food source and adequate moisture. Different genuses of mold spores prefer different types of food and different amounts of moisture. The main limiting factor for mold growth is MOISTURE. Moisture can be in the form of liquid water or humidity. Different substrates (mold food sources) have different abilities to absorb moisture (water affinity) - this determines the optimum condition for specific mold growth conditions.
Texas Mold Consultants
Answer: Water
The Inspection Boys
Answer: Water source Cellulose material Moisture levels above 18% Humidity levels above 60%
Glover Environmental
Answer: There are 4 critical requirements for mold growth – available mold spores, available mold food, appropriate temperatures and considerable moisture. The removal of any one of these items will prohibit mold growth.
Certified Real Estate Inspectors
Answer: Moisture/damp conditions and a food source
Mid America Property Service
Answer: Humidity water leaks
jh cleaning
Answer: Moisture such as: water intrusion, condensation & plumbing leaks.
Home Inspection Solutions
Answer: Moisture, organic food, (drywall, carpeting, dust...) heat, and lack of sun light.
Total Check-Up Inspections
Answer: Water intrusion and atmospheric conditions
Answer: Moisture & a food source for the mold
Everest Home Inspectors
Answer: Mold generally needs elevated moisture levels to grow and a surface made of something it can consume.
Nicholas Home Inspection & Maintenance, Inc.
Answer: Many conditions can cause mold growth but mostly humidity over 50 percent. Wet organic material can cause mold growth in as little as 24 hours.
Airtight Design Waterproofing
Answer: Wet and moist areas. Plumbing, roof and structure leaks.
A Better Choice Home Inspection, Co
Answer: Moisture
AHI Residential & Commercial Inspections
Answer: Dampness and water intrusion.
Your Home Property Consultants
Answer: Moisture
Doyle Wayne General Services
Answer: High Humidity, dust or organic materials, and low light or non light at all
Medical Mold Relief LLC
Answer: Moisture
Epoch Property Inspections
Answer: Moisture
House detective
Answer: Cellulose, lack of air movement and moisture.
Accent American Inc
Answer: There are many types of mold, and none of them will grow without water or moisture.
A Balance Home Inspection
Answer: Moisture is really the key cause of mold growth
Eagles Eye Home Inspection,LLC
Answer: Water and drywall
One Way Home Inspections
Answer: Always a moisture source
AdvantaClean of Coastal Carolina
Answer: moisture, bacteria
Thomas Property Services
Answer: Water leaks, moisture, dampness
JCs Environmental Technologies
Answer: Moisture
NH Roof Consulting & Inspection
Answer: cool, dark, damp air,
OnSite Home Inspection, LLC
Answer: Moisture
All Season Home Inspections
Answer: Moisture
Superior Home Inspection Services LLC
Answer: Moisture or humidity, food such as sheet rock and wood, and in a dead air space. If there is air movement mold does not grow well.
Jose Tech Inspection
Answer: A food source and the right conditions.
Family First Restoration
Answer: moisture
G M M Property Inspections
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